Tennis FAQ

NorthStone Tennis Expansion Q&A

What is included in the tennis expansion and when was it completed?

  • NorthStone's seven court tennis complex was completed Spring 2019
  • Four beautiful new 60' by 120' hard-surface courts with California corners
  • New courts include 10 foot fencing with windscreens 
  • State-of-the-art LED tournament approved lighting
  • Divider fences, shaded double-sided benches, and refreshment stations between courts 
  • Convenient tennis shop located court-side

What are the key benefits of a NorthStone Tennis Membership?

Individual Tennis: Use of the clubhouse, fitness center, tennis courts, playground and swim park. Seven day advance court reservations. There are no additional user fees for the tennis member and the member may take advantage of discounts on NorthStone purchases. Competitive team and individual tournament play are available. 
Family Tennis:
Use of the clubhouse, fitness center, tennis courts, playground and swim park. Court reservations may be made up to 7 days in advance. No additional user fees for the member and their spouse, as well as unmarried children up to age 25. The member family may also take advantage of discounts on purchases at NorthStone. Competitive team and individual tournament play are available.

How can I find out more about a Tennis Membership?   

For more information, membership pricing and to schedule a personal tour, please contact Lindsey Davis, Membership & Marketing Director: (704) 949-1280 or

What if I want to play competitive tennis?

Social members who would like to participate in the competitive tennis program should to upgrade to a tennis membership. Social members will continue with the same recreational access to tennis they currently enjoy and may make court reservations up to 2 days in advance. Golf members have full access to the tennis membership program including competition as well as the seven-day advance court reservations.

Who is in charge of the new tennis program?

Managers of NorthStone tennis programs are: Tanner Haddon, Tennis Director: (704) 804-1476 and Rodrigo Cagide, Head Tennis Pro: (980) 621-6941.

Is there a system or app for making court reservations?

Yes, make court reservations through the enhanced reservation system at NorthStoneClub.comor use the NorthStone mobile app.  

Is there a competitive tennis program?

Yes, there are a number of opportunities for competitive play at NorthStone including Interclub and USTA teams. Traditional club tournaments such as: Member-Member, Member-Guest, men and women’s Club Championship are also offered. For information regarding competitive tennis opportunities at NorthStone or if you have questions please contact Tanner Haddon, Tennis Director: (704) 804-1476 or Rodrigo Cagide, Head Tennis Pro: (980) 621-6941.  

Team Rosters: 
For Fall 2019 must include at least 75% NorthStone tennis members. Non-tennis members may be included and are responsible for an additional $60 fee for the season. Non-tennis members may use the facility for league play and scheduled team practices only. 

Beginning with the spring season 2020, 100% of the team's rosters must be comprised of tennis members. Prior to registering your team, please contact Iris Ham, local League Coordinator: Team rosters must be approved by Tanner Haddon and Rodrigo Cagide.  

Please note: Social members do have access to the tennis courts and may book reservations up to two days in advance. 

Will the three existing NorthStone tennis courts be updated as well?

The original three tennis courts will be updated as tennis programs at NorthStone continue to expand.