Tennis Expansion

NorthStone Tennis Gets Its Day In The Sun!

Take look at our four brand new lighted, regulation tournament tennis court expansion!


Tennis Expansion 2019

• Four 60-foot by 120-foot hard-surface tennis courts
• 10-Foot fencing with 4-foot divider fences between courts, California corners, and windscreens
• State-of-the-art LED lighting to tournament specifications
• 6-Foot, shaded, double-sided benches between courts with refreshment stations
• Tennis shop 

NorthStone is equipped with 7 courts for recreational and competitive tennis. We're excited that the expanded tennis complex provides members with excellent instructional programs from our talented Tennis Professionals. 

NorthStone is ready for action providing great Interclub and USTA teams as well as excellent traditional club tournaments such as Member-Member, Member-Guest Invitational, Men’s and Women’s Club Championships. And of course, the tennis team, programs and complex are
 held to the same high NorthStone standards as are provided for our other great programs and amenities. 

ontact Lindsey Davis with any questions.